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Well how to describe me:

  • cook,
  • sometime historian,
  • onetime lawyer,
  • dabbler in everything from cosmetic making to French polishing and
  • lover of all things Italian.

I’ve always been lactose intolerant but put up with a certain degree of gut discomfort til it got really bad a year ago. I then started on the low FODMAP eating plan and have never looked back! I feel so good and have lost weight. I also find that most recipes can be adapted and despite not being able to eat my favourite Italian doughnut – Bomboloni – I have developed lots of other sweet treats that are better for me and taste great.

some raw ingredients
some raw ingredients

In short the benefits way outweigh the pain of cooking differently.

Once I got hold of the Monash app (available here) and a good dietitian, I was off and running. I now just fill the pantry with things I know I can eat and create from there!

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